Snowflakes EP

by Autumn's Mutt

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The debut EP by the alter ego of Michael Chung - 4 all-new indie pop-rock tracks just in time for the best, most-anticipated holiday of the year... Christmas! Never too early to spread your indie Christmas cheer and sparkles to your family and friends!


released November 12, 2012

All songs, lyrics, mixing, artwork by: Michael Chung

Additional vocals / sounds for "Slow Reverse (Christmas In Rewind)" by: Scott Neufeld




Autumn's Mutt Brossard, Québec

Michael Chung has been making music with an adventurous and eclectic approach under the moniker of "Autumn's Mutt".

His full-length debut album "We Are Constellations" is a collection of ethereal, haunting and dreamy songs that encompass an incredibly wide dynamic range, from the cinematic to the introspective, while maintaining a relatable and direct feel.
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Track Name: Snowflakes
Open your letters, check your mail
Be like a feather at the end of the rail

Purchase your presents, write your note
Don't shoot the pheasants or else you'll be broke

Perhaps we like snowflakes
Or a season's change of pace
Perhaps we'll have cocoa
Or an evergreen in tow

I figured tonight what to wear
Drove past a red light, why the cops stopped some bears

Ran into trouble, I'm out of gas
Oh make it double 'cos I'm fresh out of cash

And perhaps we treat Christmas
The way we send a kiss
Perhaps we'll hear carols
As a narrative unfolds
Track Name: Slow Reverse (Christmas In Rewind)
Will it be fine if I don't care when all the world is survival of the fit?
Will it be cool if I shy away from a friend bleeding out from his soul?
I have a habit I can't kick, giving way less than what I really think I can
There's a habit I'm stuck with, controlling more than what I really think I can

Is it that hard for me?
Turning my other cheek and I rest my case
How far have I gone?
It's turning red

I'm ready to spark
I'm making this noise
We're more than just boys in the kingdom come!
Playing the tide in slow reverse

Is forgiveness worlds apart when someone takes away your one and only chance?
Does forgiveness melt my heart when I offer back my handshake and a hug?
Can giving right my conscience when I wait for first snow of the month?
Will giving yield its proper gifts when the homeless come in for the meal?
Track Name: Squaring Up (We've Won)
I'm making my feet move on the sunny winding road
They dance to their own groove, elastic to their whim
They walk me to my goal of truly letting you know
I'm here to be your friend, my offer without end

I have no telephone, I have no messages
I have no way to show, to prove to you my ADD
I answer with a goal of keeping you in the know
I'm here to write you back, back back back and back

All my word I'll keep
All these things will pass
Hark! My mornings dream!
I was dreaming since sixteen!
And you say to me that it all came true without
And what's to say, it's just daydreams beneath

What you wanna see, what you wanna be?
What you say to me for me to play my part?
I gesture the right goal, I wanna let you know
I wanna see you leave when you believe, believe

And finally it all does me in for good
And just like that I dozed right off for you
Track Name: The Bush Is Alive
Rain in the sky, rain in the earth
But there's fire in the eyes and there're wolves in disguise

Peeling the molds, rubbing the stains
For the innocent the courageous, from blade and barrel of the callous

The bush is alive now
Wash crimson downstream
Threading a needle
Soon they'll catch him and stop him

Eager to grow up, not casting shadows
Yes there's life in this twilight, soon all will be right

It's the tipping point, voices rising up, here's the selling point, how could there be doubt?

The grass is much greener
Shed hauntings, bury them
Sifting the last crop
Now they'll catch him and stop him