We Are Constellations

by Autumn's Mutt

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released February 6, 2015

All songs written, performed, recorded + mixed by Michael Chung. Artwork by Michael Chung. Additional mixing + mastering by Christopher Dion of Quantum-Music.




Autumn's Mutt Brossard, Québec

Michael Chung has been making music with an adventurous and eclectic approach under the moniker of "Autumn's Mutt".

His full-length debut album "We Are Constellations" is a collection of ethereal, haunting and dreamy songs that encompass an incredibly wide dynamic range, from the cinematic to the introspective, while maintaining a relatable and direct feel.
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Track Name: Emocentrica
Back in my own skin, whatever has happened
You've given this life a spin, no way to pretend
So watch my spirit, draw me closer

Come on let's do this, let's make it happen
The neighbours can't help but guess, I'll just count to ten
To check my rhythm, draw me closer

My eyes were clueless, 'till I gazed into Yours
And my world was too lifeless, You gave Yours to me
Still guide me slowly, draw me closer

I see the faces, worn down by attrition
Phasing through pure circumstance, here's a suggestion
To pay it forward, please draw me closer

To love is to translate my deeds through grace
For more than, light Emocentrica
And You're whispering, the best way to live
Is to save the world, one act at a time

So how do I do that, is there a problem
Was I too wayward, to even consider
Giving up time, fulfilling Your cause

Are all things possible, I need to believe so
And I need an element, an element of Hope
To keep me going, fulfilling Your cause

Call me a dreamer, and call me a schemer
'Cos there's a whole universe, in each human psyche
Still too grand to leave, still magnificent views

I'm still not perfect, I don't need to be
You're all that this life matters, You're all that proves to be
Empower me now, Immaculate Dear

To love is to translate my deeds through grace
It's more than, Emocentrica
And You're tellin' me, the best way to go
Is to save the world, one act at a time

In the Kingdom of Hope, there's no Winter
Track Name: Platitude Magnitude
This is life, it was meant to be
It is what it is, just think positive

Follow your heart, it's all possible
You gotta do what you gotta do

Good things happen to those who wait
Be anything you want to be

Life gives you lemons, make lemonade
Everything happens for a reason

Look on the bright side, know your limits
Tomorrow's another day

No matter what you do right now
It's always something, just be yourself

Take it one day at a time
You'll thank me for this one day

But our hearts go out
But our hearts go out
But our hearts go out

It's another platitude magnitude
Flaunting with claustrophobic frenetic aptitude
Stripping off our verbalized requisite interludes
Whipping up uninvited deadpans and misplaced cues

Are these real smiles of plausible gratitude
Or just some concessional bleach of our multitude
To fool ourselves to live out new altitudes
Really to ultimately plunge us to depths so crude

No no
Track Name: Skateboard Song
If you taste a string wrapping over your dry lips
And if you feel alive, it ramps up for a kick flip
A body zipping down, legs turn around
More air in the face, that's great, let's take it off

A ghost in the wood, the world becomes an ink pool
And pavements loom forth and carefree is still king of cool
See white turning red, bled turn to cred
Plastic busting tail, gnarly, let's make us fly

Stamp out the oxygen, and then raid our starry lungs
For these nights of quickened gasps brightly save our motley hides
But we're not so scared of getting off, too numb

When you're conked in the hip, pick yourself back up again
It ain't no bother, ain't no trouble, so shake those dirty heels

If you run a neat silhouette on a half-pipe
Just now, you like it raw, the kinks, the grits, the toxic hype
Down cracks on the side, breaths strong as tides
Watch out pedestrians, so clutch, let's crank this up

Smoke that pavement
Kick that tail up
Turbo upswing
Spill the canvas
Break the plaster

Bake it, shake it, naked, shake it
Track Name: Blow Up
Drowning in my threes
Sticking on my hands
How do people find peace
If they swallow their own heads?

Wrestling for a key
Going to nowhere
Neighbourhood of make-believe
Over mathemagic land

One day, I'll blow up sane
Someday, I'll touch the stars
In years, I'll write a song
And mark the end of a devil's reign

Soiling hyper-think
Then, I'm blasting off this link
Track Name: Schoolboy Prime
You and I hit town, my autumn of my eye
But pedal at the sounds, in our portrait left undone
To where we locked our wheels, forever
That no one cares to steal, just whenever

And the buzz is still high, it's bristling my hairs

Rising up, this side looks new
Paint drips down, and we drenched ourselves
I turn green and you turn blue
We slap ourselves on ivory walls

Make a better world, us raging pioneers
Though we're decent boys and girls, we shall knock the column down
And turn the textbook around, forever
And leave no colors bound, ever after

But the air is still charged, it's tugging your strings

Rising up, this side looks new
Paint drips down, and we drench ourselves

Today is ours to saturate
The screens along the ivory heights
I'll be green and you'll be blue
To emblazon breaths on ivory walls

The moon will shine its light tonight
And split its spectrum off our backs

This is our time, 'cos this is our prime
Track Name: Beasts
A horse and a tiger fiercely trot with the dog
A sheep seeks a rabbit to fellowship with the boar
A snake's plot with an ox here wins the rooster's hearth
A rat shows off its wits to monkeys, to dragons

Glamorous fantastic animals

You've perceived animals, inner animals
The likes of which you've warmly worn
And true animals, the ones that come out
Secret, secret, secretive beasts

From your pillars of des-ti-ny

Wood, fire, earth, metal, water
Are warping side by side by side by side by si-i-i-ide
Such splendid shapes
Track Name: We Are Constellations
So I opened my eyes towards some blasted land
Twenty-thirty-four, the air out here was damned

Positions of the stars of the sky were all wrong
Making fun of the years and my sins all along

Dads were by themselves, abandoned with no love
And I felt my cheating heart brimming with enough

What good does a man?
Are we imitations?
To gain the world?

The coastlines were off, we've made us our own gods
And McDonald's of our lives with greed as our crop

In these diners of ambition where dishes are best served cold
We had to ruminate on the precious lives we stole

Then something else happened, a hand on my shoulder
I angled to the night to a Face so shining bright

This Light has brought me back, to where I do belong
Twenty-umpteen present, the nightmare world is gone
The sky and coasts are back, fathers in abundant love
Such a peaceful moment, forever here

How great is the man, who gives life to people
Who decides not to vanquish, with science and power
What good can we do, when we set down agendas
And live not for ourselves, but forgiveness and mercy?

Paying it forward, amidst the Constellations
Priming the skies, We Are Constellations
Setting the skies, We Are Constellations
Twinkling the skies, We Are Constellations