by Autumn's Mutt

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A horse and a tiger fiercely trot with the dog
A sheep seeks a rabbit to fellowship with the boar
A snake's plot with an ox here wins the rooster's hearth
A rat shows off its wits to monkeys, to dragons

Glamorous, fantastic animals

You've perceived animals, inner animals
The likes of which you've warmly worn
And true animals, the ones that come out
Secret, secret, secretive beasts

From your pillars of des-ti-ny

Wood, fire, earth, metal, water
Are warping side by side by side by side by side
Such splendid shapes


released November 14, 2014
Additional mixing and mastering at Quantum-Music




Autumn's Mutt Brossard, Québec

Michael Chung has been making music with an adventurous and eclectic approach under the moniker of "Autumn's Mutt".

His full-length debut album "We Are Constellations" is a collection of ethereal, haunting and dreamy songs that encompass an incredibly wide dynamic range, from the cinematic to the introspective, while maintaining a relatable and direct feel.
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